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  Money Magnet Oil

$19.00 per 1/2 ounce

Herbal Code: IO-MONEY

Money Magnet Oil

This oil will help lift the spirit and remind us of the true source of prosperity and abundance ?? the Earth itself. Use oil to anoint pulse points. Intentionally anoint:

  • the hands, to bring money through work
  • the feet, to be guided to money and prosperity
  • behind the knees, to be flexible and resilient
  • the heart, to earn money by following the guidance from one's heart
  • the brow/third eye, so that thoughts about money are positive and affirming
  • behind the ears, to listen for opportunities
  • the base of the spine, for stability and rootedness
  • Aventurine crystals for wealth
  • Clear Quartz Crystals to amplify energy
  • Bay Leaf for success in all endeavors
  • Whole Cloves - the spice of royalty and wealth
  • Cacao Nibs which were used as money
  • Patchouli Herb for abundance from the earth
  • Basil Herb for love, luck, and money
  • Orange Essential Oil for joy and expansive energy
  • Patchouli Essential Oil for groundedness and to enhance the root chakra
  • Oakmoss Essential Oil for earth magic and connection
  • Clove Essential Oil for wealth
  • Vetiver Essential Oil to strengthen the root chakra
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil to energize the mixture
  • Basil Essential Oil to bring wealth


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