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Herbs That Stop Sugar Cravings
Herbs That Stop Sugar Cravings
Sugar addiction is one of the least talked about but most devastating addictions. One reason why it is so difficult to deal with is because we have to eat!

Fortunately there is one major herb and a couple of supporting formulas made by Chakra 4 that can help you drop sugar without even trying. All you have to do is remember to take them.

The Best Herb For Sugar Addiction
By far the most powerful herb for breaking sugar addiction is Gymnema. It blocks sugar receptors on the tongue and in the small intestine. We've written a book on sugar addiction that explains how and why we find it so hard to avoid indulging and gives very specific instructions on how to use Gymnema and other herbs to stop your sugar cravings.

To Balance Your Blood Sugar - For Diabetics
This formula contains herbs that support the body's ability to process, deliver, and clear blood sugar. These kinds of herbs can affect your insulin needs so be sure to discuss using this formula with your doctor.

This formula performs a similar function as the tea listed above. However, this formula is in capsule form.

If You Tend Towards Low Blood Sugar
Low blood sugar can wreak havoc on us. Our mood and physical condition are negatively effected and we become much more prone to binging. This formula will help keep your blood sugar levels from dipping too low between meals.

A Quick Remedy If You Over Indulge
Sometimes we don't realize we should stop eating until it's too late. Maybe its that extra bite of birthday cake, or too many scoops of ice cream. To quickly whisk excess sugar out of the blood stream before it is converted to fat, take 3-6 Cinnamon capsules, or mix Cinnamon powder into almond milk and drink it. This will help your body deal with the sudden onslaught of sugar.
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Cinnamon Chips Organic Cinnamon Powder Organic Cinnamon Sticks Organic
$3.55 per ounce
$4.19 per ounce
$7.17 per ounce
Cinnamomum cassia - Organic 1/2 to 1 in. pieces
Grown in Europe
Cinnamomum loureirri - Organic Powder. Grown in Viet Nam burmanii spp. - Organic 2 3/4 in. Grown in Europe
Gymnema Capsules Gymnema Leaf cs Gymnema Powder
$0.22 per capsule
$4.48 per ounce
$4.42 per ounce
Gymnema sylvestra - Grown in India. Gymnema sylvestre Grown in India. Gymnema sylvestre
Grown in India.
Gymnema Tincture Hi Sugar Balance Rene Caisse
$15.00 per ounce
$18.00 per ounce
$0.35 per capsule
Gymnema sylvestra - 40% Grape Alcohol Formula to support normal blood sugar levels Ojibway herbal formula, as given to Rene Caisse
Rene Caisse's Tea Formula Sugar Balance Formula Sugar Balance Tea
$7.25 per ounce
$0.44 per capsule
$6.75 per ounce
A traditional cleansing formula Formula to support normal blood sugar levels Formula to support diabetics in balancing sugar levels